Plan Nacional de Ciudades Inteligentes
Eltis – The urban mobility observatory
The Marketplace of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
The Future of Privacy Forum
EU Smart Cities Information System
IEEE Smart Cities
MASSIS – A Framework for Multiagent System Simulation of Indoor Scenarios
CYTED – Ciudades Inteligentes Totalmente Integrales, Eficientes y Sostenibles (CITIES)
Global Cities Team Challenge
Sports Open Data
Ckan: the world’s leading Open Source data portal platform
What Works Cities – Bloomberg Philantropies
Telensa: making brighter cities
P2PValue: Development of a software platform – Promoting the Tech Commons
Smart Agrifood – Ecosistema de innovación abierta
KM4CITY: Open Urban Platform for a Sentient Smart City
Smart Cities Mission – Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India
SMARTNET – Solutions Exchange for Urban Transformation of India
List of Smart City projects
Autodesk Solutions, software, projects in relation to Smart Cities
An Open Repository of Solutions for Intelligent Cities