TEEM: La plataforma para proyectos colaborativos

Hack With People

Initiative to combine the efforts of experts in the study and discovery of assistive technologies to improve the quality of life of the population


Backend-as-a-service providing real-time and collaborative services to new or existing applications.
Engage users with real-time collaborative features!


A Framework for MultiAgent System Simulation of Indoor Scenarios

Smart Grid Simulator

The SmartGrid simulator is a free software
– This is a game for students that allows to put to the test different coordination methods between agents (see attached paper that was in the proceedings of a national conference).

– This is the SmartGrid Simulator with some sample agents

– The simulator itself is explained in part here. The source code of the simulator is this, but it is not needed in the examples since it is already a maven artifact deployed in sonatype


The Smart city web tool is an open source resource of knowledge expected to help municipal officials, city planners, technical experts, consultants, academic institutions, scholars, researchers, civil society members and non-profits, and citizens of India.